Promote your app to millions of PC users.

Pokki offers one of the largest app recommendation and distribution platforms in the world.

We’ve partnered with the leading PC manufacturers to power app discovery on new Windows
devices through our Start menu, App Store, and Game Arcade. Extend the reach and opportunity
of your app by promoting it to a high-quality, rapidly growing audience.

App promotion in Pokki

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Distribute your web or desktop app.

  • Distribute your app through PC device preloads and multiple download channels.
  • Feature your game app in a custom built Game Arcade preloaded on PC devices.
  • Increase engagement, retention, and revenue with real-time app notifications.
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Build a modern desktop app.

  • Transform your web or social apps into beautiful, full-featured desktop versions.
  • Take advantage of new features like
    real-time notifications.
  • Build with web standards - HTML5,
    CSS3, and JavaScript.