Pokki store

The Pokki store is a place for users to find apps, and for developers to reach new users. The store is available on the web ( and on the desktop (included with every new install of Pokki).

With the store, users can:

  • Browsable categories (eg. Games), curated and generated lists (eg. Featured, Most Popular)
  • Searchable library of apps
  • App detail page with description, screenshots, user ratings and reviews

In order for an app to be included in the store, developers must provide app related information , and store related assets ( screenshots ), through the Pokki developer console.


Every app requires an icon. The icon is used to represent your app in the Pokki store , during installation, and in the taskbar. The icon requirements are as follows:

  • Four required sizes: 19x19, 29x29, 42x42, and 256x256
  • Included in your app’s package, and all four sizes defined in your app’s manifest
  • Are in PNG format
  • Fully opaque and square

Before your icon is displayed, Pokki automatically rounds the corners and adds a drop shadow. Below represents a 256x256 icon, as included in an app’s package. Mouse over to see how Pokki renders the icon.

The corner radius for the 19x19, 29x29, and 42x42 icons is 3 pixels. The corner radius for the 256x256 icon is 40 pixels.

The following demonstrate how the icons, at each of the four sizes, appear after Pokki has rounded corners and added a drop shadow.

When designing your icon, please keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid placing text within the icon
  • Use high contrast colors and simple shapes to help your app icon be easily identifiable
  • Subtle gradients help give the icon dimension
  • Ensure it works well on both light and dark backgrounds
  • Do not use strokes around icons
  • Do not use transparency
  • Do not round the corners or add a drop shadow (Pokki automatically does it)
  • It’s used on both Windows and Mac



Your app’s name must be unique and between 2 and 40 characters. Please keep the following in mind when choosing your app’s name:

  • Distinct and unique is better than generic
  • Short and medium length names are best
  • Cannot violate the trademark of a third party
  • Cannot include the word "Pokki"
  • Cannot be changed once published
Tag line

Your app’s tag line is a single sentence that clearly describes your app. An effective tag line contains the function of the app written in an exciting style. It is limited to 160 characters. For example:

  • Access Twitter faster than before with instant notifications and quick account switching.
  • Discover music like never before with unlimited streaming to all of your devices.
  • Build your army and gain control of the galaxy in this space strategy game.

Your app’s description is a full-length description of its features and functionality. It is limited to 1,024 characters. Keep the following in mind when writing your app’s description:

  • Only two lines of the description are initially visible on the app’s detail page - that’s about 250 characters - before users are shown a “More” link
  • HTML is not allowed, use plain-text (new lines are supported and links will be clickable)
  • Spelling and grammar is important and will be evaluated during the review process
  • Your app must be accurately represented by your description


Screenshots of your app are displayed in its app details page. You must provide at least one screenshot - with up to five.

The screenshot requirements are as follows:

  • Must be 693x433
  • Are in 24-bit PNG format
  • Fully opaque and square
  • Not have a white background

When designing your screenshots, please keep the following in mind:

  • Show the most interesting parts of your app
  • Use one screenshot per image
  • Scale down your screenshots if needed, but keep content readable
  • Do not use strokes around the screenshot image
  • Do not include the taskbar or dock in your screenshot - focus purely on the app’s window
  • Avoid using text, let the screenshots speak for themselves
  • We recommend using a flat background color
  • Since the app details page background is white, it’s best to avoid white backgrounds in your screenshots

Publishing your app

Once you are done developing your app and are ready to publish it, upload it through the Pokki developer console where it will undergo aReview Process. The outcome of the review process is sent to you via email and usually takes a day or two.

If your app is approved it is automatically packaged on the server and an installer is generated. You are provided with embed code and a download link in your console which you can use to share your app. It will also appear in the store within 24 hours if you allowed it be promoted there (you can change this at any time from the developer console).

If your app was not approved, do not be discouraged! The email will have clear instructions on what changes must be made to ensure your app is approved. Simply make those changes and upload your app as a new version to your existing app. It will once again enter the Review Process.

Upload your new app

  • Create a Zip file of your app’s root directory
  • Sign up as a Pokki Developer if you not already done so
  • Sign in to the console and navigate to the  Upload New Pokki page
  • Follow the instructions on the page and submit your app
  • You’ll be notified once your app has completed the Review Process
  • If approved you can distribute your app with the embed code and installer link in your console

Update your existing app

  • Create a Zip file of your updated app’s root directory
  • Sign in to the console and select ‘Upload a new version’ next to the app you wish to update
  • Follow the instructions on the page and submit your app
  • You’ll be notified once your app has completed the Review Process
  • If approved existing users will be updated within 24 hours and new users will get the latest